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Thanks for visiting our ad fulfillment center.

You have probably landed here after noticing this web site link in your site stats or on your tracking links. At SDTadvertising.com, we use a variety of different techniques and strategies to push visitors to your web sites and this is one of those mechanisms.

Here at the ad fulfillment center we send traffic to our customers hourly. We funnel all traffic through our various fulfillment centers so that we can streamline our work load and efforts. We also rotate customer banners and text ads on the fulfillment center pages for extra exposure and traffic. Depending how your stats are tracked, your records may only log one IP address and or link as having visited your site instead of a different IP for each visitor we send to you. This is simply because we funnel all traffic through this one site to be counted. So Do not be alarmed You will always receive real and high quality visitors from our system. Throughout the 15 years that we've been marketing for customers online we have found this to be the best and simplest way to both move people through to our customer web sites and to keep a tally on the number of visitors we send.

Not a customer but would like to take advantage of our marketing services?

You will be pleasantly surprised with all the services and products that we can provide. You will see our most popular packages and services highlighted on the left menu bar. Feel free to browse each one of them. If at anytime you have questions, feel free to contact our friendly support staff for assistance.

We are often asked how one can get banners and text ads rotated on our fulfillment center pages. There are only two ways you can place your ad for rotation on our fulfillment center web pages:

1. Purchase an on site advertising package
2. Order our master ad blaster package

Text ads will rotate (7) at a time down the left hand side of all fulfillment center pages. Banner ads (size: 468x60) will rotate one at a time at the top of all fulfillment center pages. Click here to see actual results from a few advertising customers. | Click here to see a few more actual results.

So what are you waiting for? Start your ad campaigns with us today! SDTadvertising.com specializes in online advertising and development solutions for both new and existing online companies. Our team consists of experts in every possible area of online work, and no job is too small or too large for us to undertake. Our quality work is supported by realistic affordable prices, so if you are seeking an advertising or design solution we await your first contact.

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